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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  November 30, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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on monday. [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: welcome to an awesome friday show "the young turks." what do we have on top for you today? conservatives are livid about obama's budget proposal. that means i love it. >> it was not a serious proposal. >> i don't understand his brain so you should ask him okay? >> robert e. lee was offered easier terms. >> cenk: oh, are you hurt? are you hurt? we'll talk about that in a little bit. then the clash of the retail titans. wall part versus costco.
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>> costco in its new store. [ protesters ] >> all we're doing is speaking out about better wages affordable healthcare and better scheduling. >> cenk: who are the good guys, the bad guys, and we'll tell you all about it. and then we're melting. >> the numbers are staggering. 344 billion metric tons are melting in antarctica and green land a year. >> cenk: that's amazing. we've got a lot more amazing facts about that, and it is not good news, unfortunately. what is going to be good news is the elbow of the day. that's nothing but fun. anybody know what time it is? jayar? oh right, it's go time. [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ theme music ♪ ]
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>> cenk: all right look at this crew that i've got here, including the guy who was just running off. [ laughing ] we've got everybody here, michael shure and lucy is back. >> and it's obvious when you look at cenk. >> cenk: and mark thompson will give us his expertise of climate change among other topics, the climate change a little bit later, but i want to start with budget proposal. president obama came up with a new proposal. it's the same as the old proposal. you know why? the republicans did not have a new one. all right i'll resubmit it for you. $1.6 trillion in tax increases over ten years. $50 billion in immediate stimulus spending. he was rubbing their nose in it, yeah i want more stimulus. how do you like me now.
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no congressional votes to raise for debt ceiling and $400 billion in long-term savings from medicare. republicans, conservatives oh, they're we side be side themselves. >> the proposal delivered by secretary geithner was not a serious proposal. >> it was not a serious proposal. >> we got to get serious here. >> serious decisions. >> say it isn't so, mr. speaker. >> serious matter. we're being serious. this is not a serious offer. >> this is an insulting deal. >> this is not a game. >> i'm not trying to make this difficult. >> that offer yesterday was simply not serious. we're not going to increase tax rates. >> and that's just the way it is. >> cenk: i love that. >> seriously. >> cenk: yes seriously--everybody get serious. our position is not changing at all. i can't believe that other guy who won't change his position.
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>> and also we don't remember that we just lost an election. it's the house of representatives because they kept the house. they think they won the election. they're not paying taken attention to the president. >> they are the tie-off. i like the ties. >> this is a push back. this is what they did. there used to be some cave on the executive side. there used to be a compromise or pre-compromise you may have coined it originally, cenk. >> cenk: right. >> eliot: but. >> but it didn't happen here. they pushed right back. >> the give and take in the world, that's not happenings. >> cenk: if they they had pool sticks they might go after one another. normally they're used to obama saying this is my first offer don't sweat it this is my
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second one third one. then they keep coming in their direction. this time it didn't happen. that's awesome news. >> it's awesome news. it doesn't mean that it's not going to happen. but they see nothing happening that is okay from their point of view. >> you think the republicans are going to get blamed. >> congress often does get blamed in these situations. and mitch mcconnell, the minority leader in the senate said contrary to what cenk just said, you know what, we're not going to let the president bush us around any more. the president was in philadelphia speaking to the people. what he's trying to do is get people out on his side. use a little bit of that campaign strategy that worked for him. listen to him. >> obama: if we could get just a few house republicans on board we could pass the bill in the house. it will land on my desk, and i am ready. i've got a bunch of pens ready to sign this bill. i'm ready to sign it.
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[applause] there are no shortage of pens in the white house. and i carry one around for an emergency just in case. just waiting for the chance to use it to sign this bill to make sure people people's taxes don't go up. >> cenk: i have a stylistic question for you guys. has he jumped the shark. >> the presidential pen thing. you can turn it down a couple of notches. one joke okay, i've got a pen. i've got a pocket full of pens. >> he and does the same act on the road. >> the first time you're president, so they laugh. it doesn't mean that the joke is really worker. >> cenk: maybe they have a binder full of pens. >> he has got to be bill clinton for a moment. explain it to people like my
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husband would clayne to me, stop spending money. that would help. but then he realizes that i have to make money. stop spending money is not enough. >> the problem is when you don't stop spending money. here who is not laughing this is john boehner speaker of the house. >> this is a stalemate. let's not kid ourselves. i'm not trying to make this more difficult. you've watched me over the last three weeks, i've been very guarded in what i have had to say. but when i come out the day after the election and make it clear that republicans will put revenue on the table i took a great risk. >> cenk: kind of makes you yearn for the pen jokes. >> yes. >> cenk: look, he didn't take a great risk. that's what the whole election was about raising revenue. raising revenue is code word for not raising the income tax rates. we don't want to raise rates we'll get rid of loopholes that we'll put back in next year.
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i love the point that dorothy made. i never thought about it that way. everybody knows they have a household budget. we know we should spend less, but if you don't make any money you're out of luck. the revenue side of this is tremendously important. and we have congress saying no revenue, we're not going to bring it in. >> during the bush years they used to spend money that they didn't have. >> it was okay then. >> don't forget we have harry reid jumping in to tell us about him. >> i don't under his brain. you should ask him. >> i just love that. you know, what he's saying. one of the things that the president is doing you see the people in the house you see boehner. what the president is doing is what he didn't do last time which is use his campaign style. we have to keep it up. he's saying the americans said
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and they spoke in volume about what they wanted in this election, and now we're going to tap that list. that list we didn't go to in the last administration, the first term of this administration. it's exciting for them to be use using that in. >> cenk: i don't understand the "my 2 k" thing. but i love how the president said we're going to attack that list. >> it's something that resonates and gets people involved. that's the source of his success. >> cenk: now i want to do one more thing. aaron burnett is someone that usually represents the rich, powerful, the establishment in my opinion. and you can see it. she has piet defazio who who is a congressman, who says he has a different way. listen to her. >> yes i said i support raising
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the age on medicare from 65 to 67. most people do. and see that's really going to be the only thing to get out of this. medicare is going to be insolvent in 2024. you don't think that we have to make real changes. >> that is not a solution. that doesn't deal with the cost of prescription cost and medical care. >> interesting point but i find it hard to believe. no one wants change in medicare. it's not popular but when you say we don't have to make substantive changes to a program that will consume all of our spending over the next decade or so. we have to make substantial changes. >> i'm part of the quality healthcare coalition. >> cenk: i want to say a couple of things. number one she's putting words in his mouth when. >> you mean when he's shaking
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his head trying to make a point. >> cenk: we have put the cuts on the table and here are different ways you can fix it. the idea that we have to cut medicare and social security to the bone is not the only idea out there. and i thought cnn was supposed to be objective. what is interesting when it's a pro establishment position, cnn is ready to go and defend the fortress. you have to cut medicare and entitlements. i find really interesting her dismissive tone towards constituents. >> the people that he represents. >> cenk: she said it won't be popular. we live in a democracy, why would we do that? >> the house of what? >> cenk: the house of representatives, and there are ways to balance the budget that are more popular. the reason why i bring that up is because the media is going along with the talking point of fiscal cliff happens you must do the republican approach of
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cutting medicare and social security and not raise taxes on a the rich. >> or poor rich, and they're not poor. >> today john boehner named candace miller to head the house administration committee. candace miller was not even on the committee in the first place. dan lundgren lost, who was chairman of the committee. i think it's worth bear mentioning. >> i love that they put her on the committee so they could name her chairman. a little bit of panic. now when we come back, speaking of panic, this is what you should panic over. forget the fiscal cliff. the real problem is the climate chef. >> i love bill o'reilly. i'm proud to be an american, but i saw this movie chasing i.c.e.
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today, and it has changed me not only about global warming but as a person. >> cenk: wow, that's not even the elbow of the day. you'll be shocked to find out it's not a republican. ice breakers mints. break the ice. question: why are ice breakers mints called mints? answer in a moment.
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>> a second pounding storm slams the west coast with a half of foot of rain in san francisco, trees, cars and trucks smashed and another major system on the way this weekend. >> cenk: another major storm--weird huh interesting. i'm here with everybody, michael shure, dorothy lucy, and mark thompson. the climate storms are here, the fire, drought, storms we've suffered through. it's a big issue for those the the americans, but not the politician.
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there is a report not in terms of the news they had but how dire the situation. the report last night. >> the numbers are staggering. 344 billion metric tons of ice melting in antarctica and green land a year. the amount of 1 million empire state police station. from a team of international researchers who looked at the data over the last 20 years creating what they say is the most accurate picture of melting. >> cenk: if you think that's bad, let me give you another fact that blew me away. arctic temperatures are expected to warm at twice the global average rate accelerating the thawing and creating a feedback loop that could account for up to 39% of total emission. now, that means if the permafrost melts there is a natural carbon dioxide that is
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released. once it's released, how do we bring it back into the perma permafrost. >> it is impossible. you're looking at a release that is uncontrollable and now has begun. the only way to put a dent in this is to reduce our own co2 co2 emissions. there's no way around it. the challenge is to make a big enough dent that you can really create a curve if you will, this warming. >> what does it mean to have that all in our atmosphere? >> it's creating climate change. i wouldn't say global warming but that's clearly what is happening. temperatures around the globe are going up. it traps that sunlight, and-- >> and accelerates it even more. >> nature is doing a balancing act with all that extra energy. with all that heat, it's energy. you see it manifested in hurricanes. that's one way that the earth
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transfers energy from one mass to the next. moving all that energy. moving weather is one way it happens. but the agriculture belts will start moving. the economic impact of this is massive. >> maybe that's when we'll wake up. >> we don't want to stop the rising ocean remember that? >> cenk: that's right. let me give you three more facts. to mark's point of what we need to do. let's skip head to b 13 b this is an interesting chart. see the top line we'll show you on the chart. that's where we need to go in order--no, that's not it. you know that's on the screen, i'll tell you about that. that's 3.2%. that's the amount of carbon in the atmosphere more this year than last year. it continues to increase and increase and increase. now you see that chart. >> there's your chart. >> cenk: okay, so now the red
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line is what we're doing right or what we plan to do to get climate change under control. the line at the very top is if we do nothing at all. this is the increase in temperature throughout the world, okay. if we do nothing at all it will continue to rise and rice and rice. what is that black line, if you can see it. that is what--hold on. mark, take over. that's what we would need to do to increase the temperature two degrees. i'm sorry i made that all confusing. >> well, it is confusing. >> cenk: if it is above 2 degrees celsius the increase in temperature that's where we go to epic disasters. that last line shows you how incredibly likely it is we're going to increase the temperatures more than 2 degrees
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celsius. in which case what happens. >> you'll continue to see glacial melt and all the other things that we mentioned, which is sea surface temperature rise, and sea surface rises. you'll see the oceans rising. you'll see a degrees inment amount of ocean front property will be engulfed in all of this. and we saw it play out in new york city. look, we don't want to be an alarmist but that is the disaster of the sort we're going to see more of in the decades to come. what is the earth going to do with all of this energy? it's more than just a graph. this is extra heat. the earth needs to do something with it. what it does is it does a balancing act with weather and climate. i think these things that relate to migration, extinction of species and relate to
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agriculture regions changing wholesale. if the breadbasket of this country was no longer in this country. think about that. you want to talk about agriculture subsidies, i don't mean to cut you off. >> no, you know more about this than i do. >> the shoe may pink economic. >> cenk: the graph that i should you that was confusing was carbon emissions. and speaking of rising oceans, the scientists are wrong. they're now rising 60% quicker than the scientists had predicted. mark and i talked about this earlier today. i say go see miami while you still can. >> and most people do--of course south beach. most people do live near the water within 50 miles of the water. that's just where most of the population lives. >> cenk: and at least if you're buying property 50 miles in you
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might be in the new waterfront. now again, this is not going to happen overnight. you don't have to panic for south beach next year, but i think it will happen in my lifetime. >> mark says i don't want to be an alarmist, but this is the time to be alarmist. >> we're sounding the alarm bell appropriately as opposeed to joining it up. >> cenk: the counterterrorism to bush, and they went around and mocked him in the bush administration saying he's running around with his hair on fire. his hair should have been on fire. all of your hair should have been on fire. that's what i'm reminded of as we watch this, but some of us are getting it. this new movie "chasing ice" where you see all the ice melting, etc. we saw all the ice melting. i want to show a reaction to after watching the movie.
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>> i watch bill o'reilly every day. i love bill o'reilly, but i saw this movie "chasing ice" today and it has changed me about global warming. it has changed me as a person. >> first of all that's a powerful thing to hear, a lady with a real heart. but it's interesting to me how she said it. i watch bill reilly every day i'm proud to be an american, but this movie--whoa, whoa, whoa are you saying what we're saying is unamerican. >> if you watch bill o'reilly every day yes you think it is unamerican. >> that's a real concern. this is a--these are scientific facts. >> it shouldn't be political. everything is, but it shouldn't. >> this is not an us versus them. it's the political football game, but this isn't. it really affects all of us. >> i wonder what would have happened if the climate change
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had come up in a less partisan time in the history. >> cenk: we're partisan because money is forcing us to be partisan. the oil companies bought the entire republican party and and a good chunk of the democratic party. >> it's both. >> cenk: right but people wonder how we have gotten so partisan. because a lot of people have spent a lot of money. this should be an issue we all agree on. >> i would like her to take bill o'reilly and go see that movie again. >> cenk: that would be interesting. >> isn't it interesting that we talk more about pot in america than climate change. i thought of this as we were watching that. >> cenk: that is kind of weird. after the show we'll talk about pot again. >> it is friday. >> cenk: it is friday? any way. now, when we come back we're going to talk about costco versus walmart. it's amazing the differences of
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what costco does for its employees and it's customers as opposed to walmart. [ protesting ] >> their shouting was alarming to shoppers and sent managers running for security. >> joe biden went to costco. he wanted to buy some of this stuff. >> cenk: and then later in the show, there is a new member of the 1%, but we're on his side. >> suddenly he begins pumping his arms excitedly he asked the cashier check the ticket for him. >> he wanted everybody to look and check to see that he wasn't seeing things. he wasn't seeing things. it was the right numbers.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: because we didn't have enough panelists today we brought in a couple of more. we're going to talk about costco versus walmart. we always hear from big companies like walmart there's nothing we can do. we have to pay our employees dirt cheap wages nothing we can do until you find out about costco and then you find out
4:29 pm
there is a lot that they can do. ana has that story. >> first let me start off that obama spoke to a manufacturer facility today. he quoted not raising taxes on the wealthy and keeping taxes high on the middle class basically giving the middle class a lump of coal for christmas. also in the meantime biden went to costco. he had a little bit of a shopping spree. >> costco hires 260 employees in the one store. part of a renaissance of the whole neighborhood out here. consumer confidence is growing and the last thing we need to do is dash that now by being unable to expend the tax cuts. >> obama: joe biden was in costco. he wanted to buy some of this stuff, but i told him he had too much work to do. i wasn't going to have him building roller coasters all day
4:30 pm
long. >> cenk: and then i handed him in a pen. >> my favorite reality show on television is joe biden in costco. there was not one sample that he didn't take. >> he's like a kid at costco. >> so it's interesting. that's the first costco that opened up in d.c. and of course, there are a lot of people excited about it, and people want to go and check it out. when you look at the way costco treats its workers that's where the real story is, right? especially when you care costco to walmart. first let me tell you warehouse workers in southern california have petitioned to include wal-mart as a defendant in a lawsuit about wages. theythe average costco worker makes $17 an hour. and average wage for walmart work is $8.81 an hour. >> cenk: that is an enormous difference. costco is not out of business.
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they're profitable and per employee, this gives you a sense of size, per employee they make significantly more profit than walmart does. now, there is blend of difference businesses and different reasons but if you pay your employees well, you don't go out of business. >> it makes me glad that i'm a costco girl. they have a spinach salad that i love. the dressing, i go in there for that and $300 of stuff i never needed like toilet paper for life. >> we know where to go if we need toilet paper. >> cenk: let me give you one number about that. walmart, of course, is enormously profitable but they're much larger so they make $15 billion in profit every year. but costco, which is smaller makes $1.7 billion. it's not like there is only one way to do business. like a budget the republicans say there is only one way.
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no, you can pay your employees really well and still make a healthy profit if. >> the co-founder of costco did a great interview with "the new york times." one thing he noticed with his employees, look, a lot of them love the company. they love the way we treat them. they have health benefits, fair wages. they love working for us. as a result they are better at their job and they have respect and loyalty to the company. that's not what you're seeing right now with walmart. they're done with it, tired of it, and they can't live off the wages that they have. when you look at productivity in the country productiveity is steadily climbing up, and it has been doing so since 1947, but wages flat lined over the last 30 years. >> cenk: that's my favorite chart in the world. you're not getting the benefit of your productivity. it's going to somewhere else. it's going as we've shown over and over on the show, it's going to the ceos. they're taking a lot of money out of the system. the reason why i gave you the
4:33 pm
number of walmart with $15 billion in profit, you could pay your employee as little bit more and still have, what, $14 billion. >> the chart is similar to the cotton plantations in the 1800s where you saw no wages and productiveity was high. >> cenk: there is something wrong with the system when people are working hard and they get a great result in productivity, and they're not getting a share in it. all the spoils go to someone else. >> there is a lot of walmart push back on labor. we know that. when there are opportunities and the premordial oohs of union and the coalescing of the part time workforce speaking up to management it's been very controversial and documented over the last few years. so it can be a real problem. my point is walmart finds itself
4:34 pm
in the cross hairs on a few of these labor issues related to part time employees and the like. >> the walmart greeter is faking it? they're not that happy to be there. >> i wonder how happy this person really is. it's ionic people in these kinds of business also say even in campaigns. what do you know about business? in reality as mentioned earlier, when you treat your employees right they actually want to work better for you. you'll get a happier environment, and you'll probably do better over all any way. >> cenk: now we're out of time. it's funny because when we gave you the story about the fast food guys going on strike in new york one of their main grievance or a side grievance was, i'm so tired of doing that fake smile. they don't pay me wages. i barely make any money. then they come and check on that smile. are you smiling enough? it's a bad situation.
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but it can get better if we do the right thing. now when we come back we'll talk about how our system continues to do the wrong things. why? because when politicians retire they get a boat load of money. it's a great story. >> what do you plan to do after you retire? >> have a better job than you guys have. that's for sure.
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>> cenk: so what incentives to politicians have to play ball with their donors with all this corporate donations they're getting, obviously the money to run their campaign. but more important the money after they leave obvious. this amazing study in 2010 of the politicians that left. you know what kind of an increase they got in salary? 1,452% increase in salary. now, how is that for legalized
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bribery? don't worry be a good team player and we're going to give a ton of money afterwards. that's how this game is played. in fact, if anybody would know how to play a game, it's heath shuler. he was a quarterback but in reality if you knew he was a knew what kind of quarterback, you would know he has no idea how to play the game. two reporters zaid jilani and lee fang caught up to him. >> are you planning to be a lobbyist. >> no. >> what are you going to do--we want to get you on record. >> you're barking up the wrong tree. >> what do you plan to do when you retire. >> have a better job than you have, that's for sure. i'm going to be better off than you because i've been bride. he said that he's not going to be a lobbyist. with us is lee fang.
4:40 pm
lee, i'm sure that he has kept his word, right? he is going to be out of office soon. what is his new job? >> well, heath shuler just announced earlier this week that he'll be the chief lobbyist for duke energy, one of the largest utility countries in the country, coal based and baseed in north carolina where shuler is from. he did break his pledge, but more astounding to that, he broke the pledge early. he's a sitting congressman still that is leading negotiations with the fiscal cliff stuff. while he's negotiating on the budget priorities for our entire country, he has already accepted a job on k street. >> cenk: i want the audience to understand why that is so important. they might do the deal in the lame duck session while heath sugarer is still in congress.
4:41 pm
might it be a deal that effect duke energy. >> duke energy pays a negative tax rate. not only do they pay no corporate income taxes taxpayers give them a rebate even though they've made 10s of billions of dollars in profit over the last five years. the reason for that, lobbyists like heath shuler or soon to be heath shulerrers have carved out tax credits and specials in the tax code that duke energy benefit from. in this fiscal situation they're talking about taking away some of those credits to balance the budget. the fact that the person who is leading these negotiations or among the leaders has accepted a job with one of the companies that faces a lot of peril in these negotiations is quite troubling. >> cenk: what's amazing is how we've come to accept it. obviously there is no problem.
4:42 pm
the guy who is going to represent the people that would be affected to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars possibly is leading the negotiations. by the way he's not a republican. he's a democrat. okay? the system is so corrupt we've become so--think about that. the chart that we showed lee $5.5 billion, what lee was talking about $5.5 billion that they made between 2008 and 2010. they paid a negative income tax. we paid duke energy instead of them paying taxes. the guy seems to be so relevant into this fiscal cliff grand bargaining negotiations is grover norquist. did you this story about who is behind grover norquist, and who he really represents, and i think that's a really interesting story. who is the money behind grover? >> well, grover norquist is an interesting guy. he's obviously captured the minds and the attention of the
4:43 pm
entire republican party. but i would like folks to look at him a little bit differently. if you look at grover norquist's budget because he has a large foundation that enforces his pledge. two-thirds of his money, 66% of his budget comes from only two billionaire-backed non-profits groups founded by folks like the koch brothers, the bekdel corporation and karl rove. they're worth billions of dollars who would not like to see their tax rates go up. it should not be any surprise that they're giving money to norquist as their enforcer. >> cenk: a lot of those are in private equities and defense and, etc. shockingly they care about the tax codes and not cutting defense. lee fang, from the nation, thank you so much for joining us. great reporting. >> cenk: thanks for having me. when we come back, we have a new participate in the 1%. but he's one of us. he won the lottery.
4:44 pm
a great story. we'll show you. >> we have new clues developing about the second power ball winner. this may be him caught on surveillance learning he's just won. look at that, come on. [ ♪ music ♪ ]
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: so you know there is this giant power ball ticket, $587 million, and turns out there were two winners. one was marcus and cindy, a couple in missouri. but we didn't know who the
4:48 pm
second one was until this happened. >> watch the surveillance camera cameras capture him as he leisurely walks into a screens convenience store. he is dressed in a yellow outfit with a crow of highway crew. he pulls out his ticket, and then he starts pumping his arms. he wanted everyone to check to make sure he wasn't seeing things. and he wasn't seeing anything. he's has the right numbers. >> cenk: that is part of the 1% that we can get behind. you get that moment, you know, i've seen a million stories of how they eventually become bankrupt, but in that moment it has to be the greatest moment of anybody's life. >> i thought he was reserved. i would have been living in
4:49 pm
st. bart's by then. >> cenk: i would have bought everything in the store. that would not have been my main concern. >> plenty for sunshine absolutely. look, it's a heartwarming thing. and i kid around about the 1%. i want everyone to understand. of course not everyone in the 1% is a bad guy. the majority of the 1% are perfectly good people. they're doctors in your neighborhood. oprah, she seems lovely. when we do the political stories, we're only talking about guys who are giving donations and lobby hiring lobbyists to fix the rules. >> that guy right there is about to have more friends. >> probableprobably a new jacket. >> i would like to give a jayar
4:50 pm
assessment. why do we need to know who this guy is? why are we searching for him? there is danger involved here. >> because we live in a tabloid society. >> we need to leave think guy alone. oh, i know this guy. he was working in this section of the freeway, and people will seek this guy out. i'm happy for him but leave him alone. >> you should not buy lottery ticketses. this is the most paranoid man in the america. >> everybody knows what they would do if they won the lottery. if i looked at the power ball number. i would stop, and i would go, okay i'm going to walk out of here very calmly so nobody knows that i have the number. i'll leave. >> i agree with jayar. i totally agree with you. i don't want weird relatives that i never heard of calling me up, asking what i'm up to, hey my child needs to go to college can you pay for that. i don't want to deal with it. i actually-- >> cenk: pay for it yourself.
4:51 pm
>> it's usually some random person who dogged you out in the past and then all of a sudden they're your best friend. >> i don't mind buying a few best friends. i'm okay with it. >> look, a nice book so i can look up what it meant. >> cenk: another heartwarming story on this friday. there is a homeless guy in the streets. he has blister on his feet. it's cold, and it's new york, late november. he decides he's going to buy him socks and shoes. again, this guy is ten times more liberal. he bought him $100 pair of shoes. i would have looked for something a little cheaper. >> and they gave him a discount at the share. >> now this guy has shoes. he's going to have relatives looking for his shoes.
4:52 pm
>> he only told his mother. >> cenk: stephanopoulos talked to the cops. >> there are thousands of homeless people across new york city every night. what is it about this man that moved you. >> basically what i remember that night it was extremely cold. i looked down at this gentleman's feet and he had no socks. when he told me he never had shoes, my heart went out to him. >> you went to sketchers. >> i ran ahead of him. i said i don't care what it costs, this gentleman needs a pair of shoes. >> cenk: no one has ever looked more like he's from new york than that guy. jayar, ready for a conspiracy theory? >> okay. all i'm going to say is-- >> leave the cop alone. >> yeah, all i'm going to say i haven't forgot been stop and frisk and the other things that they do wrong to people in the city. i like this guy. for this, i applaud him. but let's not go too far and
4:53 pm
say, nypd is awesome. look at what police officers did for someone. this is a good situation. who took that picture? why is it everywhere. >> it was just like a tourist. >> i understand. >> cenk: so they claim. >> that's the conspiracy? >> cenk: that's the conspiracy. >> they need love for nypd. there was a bad stretch. >> i lost my dad many years ago but my dad was a cop in new york. so it makes me happy. >> cenk: and we're playing around. i know who took the pictures. a come from arizona and she sent it to nypd. they did put it up on the facebook page, because this is awesome p.r. this is jayar's point, but credit to him. he didn't do it for p.r. reasons, bless his heart. we'll take a quick break and when we come back we'll go away from heartwarming and we'll go to elbows. this is going to be fun. find out who it is.
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at cepacol we've heard people are going to extremes to relieve their sore throats. oh, okay, you don't need to do that. but i don't want any more of the usual lozenges and i want new cooling relief! ugh. how do you feel? now i'm cold. hmm. this is a better choice. new cepacol sensations cools instantly, and has an active ingredient that stays with you long after the lozenge is gone. ahhh. not just a sensation sensational relief. >> cenk: i got bad news for the mitt romney team. they lost the election but they're not aware of it. here we have another adviser to mitt romney who wrote an editorial, and here's what they wrote. quote, fighting democrats to a draw on medicare, including the fact that the republicans retain comfortable control of the house may well be seen one day as a key moment in american politics when mediscare attacks lost its
4:57 pm
potency. first of all you lost the election, i don't know what you're talking about. second of all you're the one who did mediscre. and treating american people in a mature fashion pays difficult dents in that calm, persistent and well reasoned arguments can overcomeovercome demagoguery. here is another one. romney carried the majority of every economic group except those with less than $50,000 a year. that means he carried the majority of the middle class voters while john mccain lost white voters younger than 30 by 10 points. romney won these voters, sure, he talks about how they won. but i got bad news
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